Valentines Day Look

I Choose You Every time

Products used for this look


Moisturizer- Vanicream for sensitive skin

Primer- @elfcosmetics Putty Primer

Color Correcter- @LAGirlcosmetics HD Concealer-Green (Neutralizes redness for medium to dark skin) 

Foundation- @Narsissist Syracuse

Pressed Powder- @Maybelline Fit Me Matte Pure Beige 235

Concealer- @Juviasplace J18, @Plouise_makeup_academy Base Shade-Rumour 2

Brows- @Benefitcosmetics Precisely My Brow Pencil 3.5 Chocolate, @Nyxcosmetics The Brow Glue

Contour- @Juviasplace shade sticks “Zambia”, @Blackradiancebeauty True Complexion Contour Palette in Medium to Dark

Highlighter- @Juviasplace The Royalty Glow Loose Powder 

Bronzer- @Mentedcosmetics “Vacay”

Setting powder- @Blackradiancebeauty True Complexion Loose Setting Powder -Banana

Blush- @Rubykissescosmetics “Baring Bare”

Setting Spray- @elfcosmetics Mist and Set Spray


Eyeshadow- @Morphebrushes The James Charles Palette, @Juviasplace – The Sweet Pinks mini palette

Liner- @elfcosmetics Expert Liquid Liner “Jet Black”

Mascara- @tartecosmetics Maneater

Eyelashes- @Ardellbeauty Wispies


Lipliner- from hairstore 🤷🏽‍♀️

Lipstick- @maccosmetics Heroine


I hope you love this look, more to come! Until next post… later xoxo CiCi BeautySlayHer


Simply Happy

Most individuals are still on the search to finding happiness. I find that the simple things in life make me happy. We all want to be happy and each one of us have different ways of finding it. Any way of escaping the world around you and focusing on what makes you smile, I’m all for it! This can be a list of things. From listening to nature sounds in a dark room or being around people who love you and enjoying the laughter. Here are a few ways I find my happiness in this little big world.

1. Prayer/Meditation

2. Listening to music

3. Being around my two boys

4. Playing in makeup

5. Take walks on the beach

6. Reading/writing

7. Helping others

8. Making people laugh

9. Date night with my husband

10. Just being free to be myself around those I love

The thing about it is, it took me awhile to know what made me happy. Like others I searched high and low, in places and things but it never really made me happy. If I was happy it had only been temporary. I learned that if you aren’t happy with yourself, you will not think you deserve affection and attention. You can find something to be happy about everyday, having a drink with a friend, eating your favorite piece of chocolate or listening to your favorite song on repeat. Start appreciating what you have because there are people who or less fortunate and struggling to be happy in this big little world.

Be aware of your emotional and physical triggers. My reaction to things that bothered me had certain triggers that kept me in a place I no longer want to ever be in. I started focusing on the resolution rather than the problem. Over thinking things caused me to be unhappy and worry about things I had no control over. I can honestly say prayer and meditation helped me so much in that area. Less worry and more praying; trust me it works. I learned to let God handle my battles and for that I became more happy. If only you knew worrying causes other problems especially with your health. We all know that will just be another bill to add to the list and no one needs more bills!

I took on writing at a young age and over the years I realized how it has helped me express myself more. Sometimes sharing my feelings to friends or family scared me. I feared being judged or criticized. On top of being shy (not that sh anymore thou) I at times felt like I had no voice, so writing became my happy place. Writing was a way to express my true self in a way that brought joy to my heart. I always recommend writing to those who have a hard time sharing to others how they feel.

Walking on the beach is one of my top favorite happy places. I mean why not! The waves are so calming and view is beautiful. I know a few others who go to the beach to meditate. It’s a place of freedom a reminder that there is so much more to be thankful for. How God created this gift to the world was so brilliant. Helping others make me happy I mean I can’t do much but every little thing counts and if I can put a smile on someone face, I am truly happy. When I see someone down or not like themselves I tend to make jokes ( I’m a goofy person all the time) get them to laugh if even for a second.

The world deserves to see you happy. Choose happiness any way possible. To be happy is to choose YOU. Start with the simple things only you know what makes your heart truly happy. It is your time, time to move forward, time to let go, time to forgive, time to just be free and simply happy.

Write down a a list of things that make you happy and try to focus on those things more.

Let me hear your feed back let me know the things that help make you happy! Have a blessed and prosperous day.