In The House Workouts

Every new year you see post on social media about workout goals, eating healthy and weight loss but by March/April either some or majority of the goals they’ve implemented aren’t being fulfilled. But I completely understand because life can take over, speaking for myself I am a mother, wife, nurse, chef, teacher, housekeeper… you get the point lol. No one gets better with excuses only lazy!

I did not want that to be me so I focused more on taking my time so I can allow myself to eventually make this a lifestyle change. I have been one of those individuals who set up unrealistic goals and never finished them due to the disconnect I felt after some time had passed. I think we desire to reach the goal in a quick way and never really considered the benefits of making it a lifestyle and how it will be a healthier change.

A few of my workouts I use now are: (some in intervals)

  • Jumping Jacks
  • Squats
  • Lunges
  • Planks
  • Running in place
  • YouTube videos
  • Meditating

My workout times vary between 35 minutes to 1 hour because some days I barely have enough time so I squeeze something in. And other days I’m being very honest with myself and I really don’t want to do anything but something is better than nothing at all. I love when my son works out with me, it’s a sense of humor with a sprinkle of comfort. He makes me laugh because he is so focused on imitating me he also helps take my attention off of the thought of working out itself. My little motivator pushes me to become a healthier me. Although he has his moments as to where I am working out and he is just sitting there on his iPad ignoring me completely.

My workout partner Jacob

So as far as my YouTube videos I browse between:

  • FittnessBlender
  • Chloe Tings
  • The Fitness Marshall
  • PopSugar Fitness

Please don’t hurt yourself trying to fit into this image of what social media tells you. I say focus on health and find something that makes it easy and fun at the same time. Add your favorite hits together and makes a great cardio playlist and dance around the living while we are social distancing ourselves. Just a 30 minute cardio can help push start your health journey.

Join me in this simple yet healthy new journey and we can motivate each other. Share with me your home workout plan and I could possibly give it a try. Hope this information was helpful please be safe and remember to wash your hands.

Much love- Cici


2 thoughts on “In The House Workouts

    • CiCi BeautySlayHer

      These are my current go to list:

      The box- Roddy Ricch
      Nonstop- Drake
      BOP- DaBaby
      Ballin- Mustard & Roddy Ricch
      Vibez- DaBaby
      Money in the Grave- Drake
      WoW- Post Malone
      Humble- Kendrick Lamar
      DNA- Kendrick Lamar
      Motiv8- J Cole
      Drip too Hard- Lil Baby & Gunna
      Suge- DaBaby
      Going Bad- Meek Mill
      Godzilla- Eminem


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